Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Third week in May Pen

Hey everyone, 

Wagwaan? We had a slow beginning of the week, but it picked up by the end. We did a lot of riding our bikes, and ran into a less active man who is interested in marrying his girlfriend and coming back to church. He is a great guy. 

Between stories about death threats from investigators that used to have shady lives, stories of corrupt police (literally everyone in jamaica knows someone that has been shot by the cops) and hearing my first gunshots, you would think Im in a dangerous place. I've had some interesting experiences, but I have yet to feel like I'm in danger. Dont worry about me. 

We are trying to rebuild our investigator pool into potential priesthood holders that can build a foundation here in May Pen. Once we have the foundation, the church here is going to grow like a wildfire. We are going to have a stake here by the end of three years. 

Pray for brother L.. He needs to accept the gospel and have a willingness to change. We think that he would be an incredible priesthood holder if he were to join the church. 

The gospel only affects us when it is applied to our lives. It is all about constantly repenting and striving to become better. As we strive to follow Gods commandments, repent when we mess up and strive to change, pray and read our Book of Mormon, and take the sacrament every week, we will begin to see a change in ourselves. It is incredible, the joy that this gospel can bring. We have to remember that no one is beyond saving. We have to "rely on the merits of Christ Jesus, for he is mighty to save". We have a loving Heavenly Father who is more than willing to forgive those that repent and change. We just need to show him were willing and that we are trying. 

We went to our wards Independence Day celebration, Jamaica night. We brought a dish to pitch in with the rest of them. Our dish was "Jambadoodle". Elder Whitlock's grandmas secret recipe. It was actually 5 packs of ramen. Shhhh. Dont tell anyone. We don't exactly have much time to cook. It was a semi-enjoyable night that included good food and a 2 HOUR LONG talent show. There was some good singing, some not so good singing, some really atrocious singing, some clever rapping, and some entertaining folk songs. The people here are great. I am trying to absorb and emulate all of the positive things from this culture in my own life. I love being here and I love the work. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer guys!
Love, Elder Pullan

PS- What is lydia's email? I want to start emailing her too. 
And are the kids excited to start school? When does school start?

The food is really good and I am eating better each week. If you want to mail something, it can be sent to the mission home address. I am going to get some good pics of me this week to send you guys. All I have now is cool pics of the landscape that aren't uploading right. 

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