Monday, November 25, 2013

Week #19 - A Trip to Savannah La Mar

The trip to Savannah la Mar was incredible. We woke up at four o'clock so that we could be ready to catch our ride at five. At five am, the AP's and the mission bus roll up. It is our 15- man Jamaican bus. It makes for quite the spectacle when it is full of white guys (most of the time). We always get weird stares and even more frequent calls of "Whitey" and other various jamaican swear words yelled at us when we are in it. We slept for the first bit of the drive, but once we picked up Elder Creager in Santa Cruz, things got a little more lively. We enjoyed just chilling in the bus on the four hour drive to Savannah La Mar. I got to see the ocean for the first time since I arrived on the island. And wow!  Jamaica is an absolutely incredible place. Its almost like I am living on a vacationer's paradise or something. Well, I guess I am. 

The ride back happened to be pretty fun too. We got to pass the ocean as the sun was setting on it. Elder Famuii would slow the van down for pictures here and there, but most of the pix I got are a little shaky and blurred. It's all good though. I am sure I will get to spend a lot of time on the ocean before I head home. I have heard that the north coast highway is 100 times more amazing. I can't wait to serve up there. 

On Sunday, I went in a tri-companionship because Elder Fowkes had to go to Spanish Town for choir practice. Thats another story though. Elder Packer, Elder Pace (Elder Whitlock's replacement, he got transferred to Spanish Town on Wednesday) and I got to go to a belated birthday party for one of their investigators. We played ghetto hopscotch (which makes soooo much sense when you know the rules), ninja, black magic, and ate some delicious fresh cut cane from the back yard. I have to say, my life is pretty cool.

Elder Pace is a really funny elder. He came out at the same time I did. He just got transferred here from Montego Bay. So I am officially the oldest missionary in May Pen (I have been here the longest). I will be six months in by the time I get transferred! Time flies. 
I am also one  of the youngest missionaries. I still have not met a whole lot who are still 18. Just a cool fact. 

Good news! They are going to give us enough money to live well on as of next month. I will have to starve for the next week, but after that, we will be good! Inflation has continued to go up.  I have been able to see prices rise even in the time since I got here. But, we will now have a little more money to spend. I am excited to be able to eat a little better. 

I will be going to Kingston to fix up my chipped tooth on Thursday. That should be a fun trip. I have not spent much time in Kingston, but I remember it being a very cool city.

I realize that my English is probably degrading. Oh well. Bare with me. Patois can do that to you. 

Dad- You said something about "Swerving to stop" on my bicycle in your letter. To correct you, the theme here is "Don't stop". It keeps you on your toes. And even with the new brakes, you have to keep it up. Moving is safer than braking in some cases.

The brakes and cookies made it to me on Friday in sav la mar. I really enjoyed the snacks. The brakes work really well. Thanks for the support everyone. For the Christmas box- I could use some more tolnafate stuff. Treats are good. Don't spend too much on it. 

I love you guys! Take care!
Bless and love,
Elder Pullan
Elder Packer, me and my favorite fam
Elder Pace playing ghetto hopscotch

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