Monday, April 21, 2014

week #16 - Montego Bay

Hey fam,  
Easter weekend sounded very nice. I won't tell you too much about Easter here because you should be receiving more information on it soon... I will leave you to figure out the how. Just be patient. 
My Easter was rather on the uneventful side. Easter is a holiday here. A real holiday. Kids have been out of school from Thursday, and are out today. All businesses have been closed since Friday, and there is hardly anyone out on the streets. I hate holidays here because generally no one wants to see us. The average jamaican holiday consists of either sitting around at home and doing nothing, making good food, or going to the beach. On every major holiday, all businesses close down for the whole day. We are not really sure if we are going to be able to do our shopping today. Wish us luck. 
Easter has been a great time to reflect on the atonement and resurrection of the savior. I like dad's thoughts on how the completed atonement and his resurrection are a joyful act. The pain he suffered is incomprehensible. He had done nothing to deserve what he was given. The act made even him, the literal Son of God beg three times that it might be taken from him. But because of his duty and his perfection, he drank the bitter cup and completed the work that he had been foreordained to do. This one act, central to human history, has allowed each and every one of us to find joy. We would be forever lost without it. I testify to you that the cleansing power of the atonement is very real. It allows every one of us to take our weak, inadequate selves, and become strong. I love my Savior for what he has done for us. I hope that you all took the time to study and reflect during this beautiful Easter season. 
Prince was not baptized this week due to a miscommunication in the interview. Prince's patois is thick and fast, and he sometimes has trouble expressing himself. All that is done now, and we are shooting to get him baptized this Sunday. Soon come. Prince is very ready for this step and we are excited for him. 
Some of the events of the week include traveling through the fire swamp, and fighting and ROUS.  (A reference to the movie, "The Princess Bride" and the Rodents Of Unusual Size).  On Wednesday, we hiked through the gully bottom on our shortcut trail to salem. There were several unattended piles of burning trash in the gully that created a fire swamp effect. The gully is where much of the trash gets washed to and builds up. Its pretty grimy down there. You never know what you will find. This particular occasion, we found two large pigs and a litter of piglets. As we approached, the mother began to grunt and snort and get protective. We made some quick maneuvers and stayed out of the way as best we could. She didn't charge, but it was none the less, entertaining. At the journeys conclusion, we figured that the fire and the ROUS's are real, but the lightning sand is a myth. 
Otherwise, the week has been slow. Lots of finding and people that don't want to see us on their holiday. We have a lot more finding to do this week. Our teaching pool is weak. Much to do. 
I love you all. Continue to work hard and enjoy this lovely spring season!
Love, Elder Pullan 
The fire swamp!
Flat Stanley...
and Ethan

getting their hair cut!

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