Wednesday, May 21, 2014

week #1 Linstead

What is to be said for this week? I am not really sure. It has been a good one. It went pretty fast due to all of the meetings we had. We taught a lot of people. We are trying to improve the work here and begin to work with members' friends... We got to go into Kingston all day on thursday. The Spanish Town Zone Leaders came by and picked us up in the morning, so we didn't have to taxi. We went to the Constant Springs chapel and participated in a great zone conference. It focused a lot on improving our teaching skills and making good impressions on people. Kingston is a great city. I always love to travel through there. 

Linstead is nice. It rains a lot here. There is always heavy fog in the mornings. It reminds me a lot of Washington. I really miss Washington. 

I have a lot of work to do here. My new position as District Leader has not been too bad. I will have to teach my first meeting on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

It sounds like you all had a wonderful week. Dance shows, talent shows, hikes, potential boyfriends, funerals, travel, and dinosaurs! Wow. I hope you are all doing well. Are there any big summer plans, other than the boyscout camp?
I love you all! Love, Elder Pullan

The missionaries in the picture are (L to R)
Dalley, Pullan, Bateman, S. Nelson, Pace, Packer, Tualatamalellagi

  1. My shoe worn out in service

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