Tuesday, May 27, 2014

week #2 - Linstead

Hi fam-

This week has been a good one. I went on my first trade off, taught my first district meeting, and had an interview with President Brown. Everything went well. I have a great district. They are motivated and willing to participate. I taught about recognizing the spirit, the importance of first impressions, and member missionary work. In my interview with President Brown, he trained me on how the missionaries, the branch mission leader, and the branch council are supposed to coordinate. Most places in Jamaica have a problem with this, and I have a lot of work ahead of me in order to figure it out. Once everything is working as it should, the work is going to  progress very quickly.

Friday was Labor day here in Jamaica. Unlike American labor day, where we all go and play, Jamaican labor day is a day to work. It is the day that you have to get that one project that you have been waiting all year to do done. We went out to Knollis and helped one of our investigators out. We picked up trash and cleaned gutters while he did some welding on a broken guard rail. He is a very community focused guy, so he loves doing stuff like that. After we finished, we went around the back of his house and picked jelly coconuts. They were very sweet ones. We cut them open with our machets and had a feast. It started to rain hard a little after that, so we sat in his van for a while to wait it out. It ended up being a great opportunity to be seen in the community. Hopefully some new investigators will come out of it.

It has rained almost every day this week here. Linstead is notorious for the rain, and the rainy season has just started again. I love it though. It keeps things nice and cold. I did get a chance to see the market. I dont think it is quite as grand as it may have been in the fifties. It is honestly kind of grimy. Sorry to disappoint. We have been working with a lot of the families in our area so that we can begin to teach their friends with them. That is the way that member missionary works. It is the way that will lead to the most success. We are patiently awaiting results now. 

I love the gospel. I know that it is true, and that everyone will be happy as the obey its principles and ordinances. Stay strong in the faith my friends.

It sounds like the kids had a great last week of school. Are you excited for summer? You did great on the pacer test lydia! I remember doing it myself. Field day sounds like a lot of fun.  Unu enjoy ya field dee bwoy? (Some jamaican for you.)  When people ask whats up say "m'daya mon" . It means "my day here", or I'm here, everything is good. Another one is "er ting criss".  That means everything is cool. 

Have a great week everyone. Travel safe. Summer is almost here!

Love, Daniel.

In the cave at Mo Bay - Nathan wanted another picture

Beautiful Linstead

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