Tuesday, June 3, 2014

week #3 - Linstead

Hey fam,

Not much to say for the week…

I had a crazy infection in my (He left this critical word out.  We assume, from his picture, that it is his foot or leg) two weeks ago. I guess I had an allergic reaction to something out in the bush, which then got infected. It got worse until I went to Kingston on wednesday after zone meeting in spanish town.  It is finally getting better.  I have been sitting inside on doctors orders with my leg up to make the swelling go down since wednesday.  I did do some drawing and played my uke, but being inside is just kind of boring. Mmmm... well, I enjoyed the drawing again, but there is nothing else to do.

Elder Groesbeck was a little on the sick side this week too, so Elder Dalley and Koegler tagged teamed our areas while Elder Groesbeck and I sat around. 

I wouldn't normally tell you that I am sick, but otherwise, I have nothing to say for the week. It is almost all sufficiently healed though.  It is definitely getting better, so you have no need to worry.  I am through the worst of it. I should be ok to get back out and teaching tonight.  Thank goodness.

I attended the last meeting that the Linstead branch will ever hold yesterday. Next week is the stake conference. I am in the boundaries, so I am very lucky that I will be able to attend. If I understand correctly, Elder Holland is going to address just us missionaries for a little bit right after the conference. I don't know that that is true, but I hope so.

It sounds like you all are doing great! 
Matthew- I didn't know that that painting was your huge one! It looks fantastic.
Lydia- Great job graduating from fourth grade. Everyone says that you did incredible in your program. You look so old now.
Nathan- Wagwaan m' yute? I love you. I heard you did great in your program too. Are you excited for summer? I wish you could come to jamaica with me too.
Mom- I love you.
Dad- Thanks for the quote. That is a really good one. I love you too.


One Love.
Yes yes ma general.
Love, Daniel

my week

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