Friday, May 29, 2015

week #1 -Portmore

Hey Fam,

Portmore has been great so far.  I has been so good to get out of the city.  I never left Kingston for six months straight.  Kingston was great, but I am glad to have some fresh air and a little room to breathe.  The rumors about Portmore are mostly true.  The heat is bad, however, there is always a breeze, so I think Kingston was worse.  The mosquitos on the other hand are worse than expected. They only come out in the evenings.  If you are anywhere near water, they are terrible.  If you stop moving you will have at least three on you in a matter of seconds.  People use dirty shirts, rags, and kerchiefs to "run" (or shoo) them.  It works well, but you have to keep waving your kerchief around the whole lesson. 
Portmore was built on a bog.  They filled it all in so that they could put a city here.  That is why there are so many mosquitoes.  Portmore is totally flat too - not a hill around.  It is great for biking.

Our area consists of ghetto to middle class residential.  It is huge compared to my last area. I enjoy the freedom and the fact that people are out on the streets all the time.  There are so many people to talk to. 

Elder Sullivan is from Yallahs.  He has been out for six months.  He is a great elder that loves to work hard, and believe me, we are working hard.  We will have this area looking like an area before I have to leave. 

We have a ton of great investigators, less actives and members here.  I already love them. 
I am going to enjoy Portmore.  Living with Elder Biddulph is great. I love that kid. 

I love you all!  Enjoy the SUMMER!
Love, Elder Pullan

Me and Elder Biddulph at the
Bob Marley Museum a few weeks back

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