Wednesday, May 6, 2015

week #21 -kingston

Hey fam, 
This week was great.  
Our monday trip back to the fort was interesting.  It began with a lot of bike problems on the way to Parade (downtown kingston. look it up).  We met up with elder Davis and Johnson from the downtown there and caught a bus to Port Royal. There was not all that much out at Port Royal, so after looking around, we went to Fort Rocky.  We ran and jumped and threw flips just like I had planned on doing.  It was a lot of fun.  
Tuesday, we helped out the Project Sole people hand out shoes. We went with some other missionaries in the morning to Salvation army headquarters and loaded up the vans. Our first stop was down in Jones Town.  The bishop of the Constant Springs ward had no idea where he was going so we ended up taking a detour through Tivoli Gardens.  That was pretty exciting. The people who put on the project sole are all return missionaries, so it was fun to talk to them. Jones town was crazy. Unno tink unno know ghetto? Nah mon. People were yelling and pushing and scrounging for shoes the whole time. It was not very controlled. The next place was a lot better. It was a little school up near August Town. We handed them out inside of the school. It went a lot better. The guy that was filming the project was named Aaron.  He does freelance film and lives in Hawaii.  We had a great time talking together.  We are a lot alike. When the day was done, we all went to Chill-eat-o's for some Jamexican food.  It was great.  
Wednesday was Zone meeting.  We learned a lot more about how to bring the spirit in our initial contacts with people so that they will keep their appointments.  It was a good refresher.  I am sure it will help.  
We did more service for Sis. Hamilton on Thursday, and I went on a trade off with elder Beck on saturday.  
We had to drop a few investigators on Sunday because they did not come to church for the umpteenth time in a row.  It is always hard to do, but if they will not put forth the effort to learn and grow and progress, then they can't get anywhere.  We did have an investigator named Sis. A at church. She had a great time there. She made some friends and really enjoyed it. She is very prepared. I am excited for her. 
That is the week for you.
Your week sounded great Lydia! What a fun activity!
I love you all. 
Love, Elder Pullan

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