Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A surprise letter from the MTC...
dated July 6th  
excerpts from the letter, leaving out the parts about being homesick and needing food

Hey fam-

I am loving the MTC.  I am learning a ton about how to teach, care for, and bring people joy.  They keep us moving almost every hour of the day.  I wake at 6:30, shower and get dressed, study from 7-8, eat breakfast, go to zone teaching from 9-10, go to class from 10-1, eat lunch, study from 2-3, go to class from 3-6, eat dinner, study from 7-8, gym time 8-9, change and study and hit the sack.  It's busy, but strangely I'm happy and we find plenty of time to mess around and have fun.  Elder Norman is an awesome companion and we click very well.  We make pretty much the best companionship ever, (although our first teaching experiences have been less than perfect).  The food is not bad, and we're working hard.  Don't worry about me.  Just pray that my Visa comes on time so that I can get down to The Rock.  P-day isn't until Thursday, so don't expect any emails until then.  

I love you all, but I am trying not to miss you.  Just got to keep focused.  I will keep you updated on my need for candy and food, but right now, we are doing ok.

Love you guys,
Elder Pullan

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