Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Called to Serve

Our first letter from the MTC! 

(hand-written)  received on Monday after a very long wait...

The first day in the MTC was quite eventful.  They kept me going for hours all the way till bedtime.  This place is so full of the spirit.  It is an incredible place to be.  My companion is Elder Norman.  He is great, and I love him.  I am glad to finally be here and begin to adjust to the new mission life.  I love you guys!    Love, Daniel    Elder Pullan

My second day included 2 classes on recognizing everyone as a child of god, recognizing their needs, and tailoring our lessons to meet what they need and bring them the happiness that the gospel brings.  I also had 4 hours of study time, and planned my first mock lesson for Elder Norman and I's MTC investigator, Kerlyn.  I hope that it will go over OK.  I am doing great here.  The days pass SLOWLY, but I have heard that it gets better.  We ended the day with a Long 4th of July devotional with a ridiculous amount of prelude hymns and a long film on uncomfortable chairs.  We then got ice cream and watched fireworks.  My P-day isn't until next Thursday (11th) so you won't get any emails until then.  I love and miss you guys!   Love, Elder Pullan

P.S. - I need my small hymnbook and loads of candy.

Pictures from Laurisa taken on July 3rd:

Our Family Home Evening activity on Monday was to send Daniel "loads of candy" with correlating scriptures attached.  Derek will drop it off at PostMart in Provo and he will receive the box today!


  1. How exciting! Congrats on Letter #1!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad you got a letter...finally! I'm glad he's doing well & feeling the spirit. Your FHE is cute & I'm sure will be greatly appreciated. I know you're proud of your missionary! Thanks for sharing the letters with us! Love ya!

  3. Wow! That's fantastic! It brings back so many great memories for me. Keep rockin' it Lieutenant Dan!