Friday, July 12, 2013

"Welcome to the MTC"

July 11th- our first P-day letter

(P-day is short for "Preparation Day" in the mission field)

Hey Fam,
Welcome to the MTC. It is a beautiful campus with covered walkways and powerful missionaries. This place is so strong and full of the spirit. The first three days I was here were really really really really long and painful. We have pretty much every second of every day scheduled, but the shock of those first days were way worse. Now I am doing fine and absolutely loving it here. My normal day consists of waking up at 6:30, studying till breakfast, zone teaching at 9, class from 10-1, lunch, TRC teaching, class from 3-6, dinner, study time, gym, and then bed. My companion is Elder Norman. He is african american, but no, he is not jamaican. He was adopted and has lived his whole life in pleasant grove. I love Elder Norman. We make quite the missionary duo. I love our district, which consists of Elders: Adams, Humphreys, Brimhall, Peterson, Thomas, and Jeppson. The first three are headed to Jamaica with us, and the last three are going to Michigan. There is another group of missionaries going to Jamaica that we havent meant yet, but there should be something like 12 of us on the flight over. We fly out early tuesday morning. We have layovers in Dallas and MIA. I will purchase a calling card and call from one of those so be listening for the phone.

Yesterday for TRC, Elder Norman and I got to teach Jorge. Jorge is a 50 year old man whose 14 year old son died of cancer a few years ago. Jorges wife has breast cancer now, but she is doing ok. We got to teach him once before. When we were preparing this time, I recieved inspiration through being reminded of something he said. Jorge had told us that he was afraid of the future, afraid of another one of his family members dying. We had told him that he needed to replace faith with fear. He asked us how, but we didnt know. When this came to my mind, I was prompted to look up fear in the index, and was directed to Moroni 8:13-16? (I think, I would have to check). It talked about how if a child dies without baptism, they do not go to hell, and that fear can be replaced with pure love. His pastor had told him when his son died, because he wasn't baptized, he was in hell. We were able to read this with Jorge, and the spirit there was incredible. We told Jorge that he needed to pray and ask god if he loved him, and that the spirit could tell him all things. I expressed my love for Jorge, and told him that even though we hadn't known him long, we had prayed for him and that we love him. He told us that we are very unique, and that he felt like we had known him for years because we had told him everything that he had wanted to know. We were able to get him to pray on his knees. He gave a sincere prayer asking if his son was safe and asking for comfort on the matter. We told him that he was feeling the spirit after the prayer, and he told us that he was going to go home and tell his wife where their son is and about the church. It was incredible testimony building experience. 

I am running out of time to write, but I wanted to tell you about that, thank you for the letters, and tell you I love you.

Love, Elder Pullan

My District
Me and Elder Norman

Elder Peterson and Elder Adams chilling in our room

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