Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week #21 - Getting hit by a car without a scratch

Hey everyone, 

I am glad Nathan enjoyed his birthday.  I was thinking about him this week.  As far as sending Christmas things for the family, I feel that it will be okay, but keep them small and cheap. There is a fine line between missionary work and families becoming dependent on missionaries. I think they will enjoy them though. 

Say hi to grandma Burris for me. I don't think I will get to see her again. So tell her I love her.

I got hit by a car about a week ago! It made for quite the experience. We were riding up into May Pen town on Tuesday when I  became aware of a silver car that was backing out into the road. The silver car stopped, so I did a quick head check and saw a black car that was coming up on me pretty fast. The silver car was stopped though, so I went to dodge around it. As I committed to this line of action, the silver car began to back out more. I quickly realized that with a car coming in the oncoming lane, there would not be room for all of us. I prepared to catch my handles on the silver car and do all that I could. The silver car backed into me pretty hard as the black car ran by me. I managed to pull a full on superman-dive to roll out on the asphalt. I stood up without a scratch on me. Not even on the palms of my hands. I grabbed my bike and dragged it off the road. The front rim had taco-ed, and the back one was shaky. The guys that backed into me were pretty cool. They apologized and helped me bend my rim back. I managed to get my bike to rasta man gary's to fix it up. He miraculously saved both of my rims and put it in pretty good working condition. My bike is indestructible! I love it. So that is my crazy story for the week. Just another one to add to my big bag of stories from Jamaica. Don't worry for me. Er ting good. My brakes are working just fine dad. Thanks for sending them.

As far as my Christmas package goes, a ukulele book would be awesome. Maybe with jack johnson? Just a thought.  :)

Oh, another story for you. I was on trade off with our ZL, Elder Burrell on wednesday. We were riding our bikes past a mother dog and two little ones. They were scurrying off the road. Elder Burrell said "I hit a dog once". You could just count the three seconds of silence that preceded the "Bang! Aroooooooo!" As the car that just passed us slammed one of the puppies. I said "Elder Burrell, you jynxed it! That one is your fault".  We both got quite the kick out of it. Of all the times to hit a dog. I have only seen one other dog get hit on my mission, so it is not that common an occurance. Hahaha. I hope you all enjoyed that one as much as I did. If you feel bad for the dog - don't. It is a jamaican mutt. I used to sort of care for dogs, but not these. I will never ever own a dog of my own. Not after Jamaica.

That is what I have for the week. It has been a pretty good one. Enjoy Christmas for me!
Bless and love,
Elder Pullan

Oh, Jamaica!

My favorite family!

The Ukelele Trio


  1. At least he got through that completely unscathed. Doesn't really make any less the threat which might have struck him or the ones which steered that particular wheel. In any case, take care, and do seek recompense, if need be.

    Howard Kurtz @ Kurtz & Bloom

  2. It’s nice to know that you’re not hurt by the accident. However, it’s still an accident and the person responsible for it should face any legal obligations he or she has towards the victims. A couple of months have passed since then. Did you seek for compensation? How are you now?

    Cheryl Bush