Monday, December 30, 2013

Last week - #24 - in May Pen

...And if you want, we can jet to MONTEGO BAY...

Transfer calls came on Saturday. I will be headed off to the big city tourist capital of Jamaica, the beautiful Montego Bay. I am very excited to get there. I was hoping I would get to serve there. Right on the ocean. It should be amazing. I will tell you all about it when I get there. As far as I know, I will be getting picked up on Wednesday morning this week to go to transfers in Spanish Town, and then up to Mo Bay. I will be in a new area for the new year. It should be cool. 

This week has been awesome. On Christmas, we went over to Andrew's house and enjoyed a wonderful meal of roast fish stuffed with callallou and herbs, ackee and saltfish, rice and peas, roast breadfruit, and pasta with the fam and some other friends. The food was restaurant quality stuff. It was amazing. We had a fun night over there and did a little ukulele caroling while we were at it. No one really wanted to see us in the following days because of the holidays. Everyone is finally starting to get back in town, so things should pick up pretty soon here. 

I had the oppurtunity to speak in church this Sunday. I gave a good (well, in my opinion) talk on following the Savior, and tied it into missionary work. We had a lot of people at church for Christmas Sunday,  so that was cool. Goodbyes are hard. I said goodbye to all of my good friends here in May Pen. My convert, 8-year-old Sandre was crying as he told me goodbye. There are so many good people here. I am sad to go. 

I dont really have a lot else to say this week. We did have a good lesson with Andrew and his girlfriend and kids the other day. They are a great family, and I think they will be baptized eventually. The work in May Pen is slowly progressing, and I have to leave. That is about the way it is going everywhere though. It is a slow progression, but things are picking up. 

Enjoy your week!
Happy new years!

Elder Pullan

PS- Yes, you can get out my guitar dad. I am glad that all of the boys got ukuleles too. The principal on both is the same. Learn your basic chords, and you can do just about anything. I love having my ukulele. I jam on it almost every night for at least a half hour. It makes for a lot of fun. Good luck.

Me with Pauline, Crissy and baby Carry

Grand Market on Christmas Eve

Grand Market
The drawings I did on my ukelele this week.

Cooking up saltfish and ackee on Christmas day.
(The light is a light bulb that has been pulled from inside the house to give light outside.)

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