Monday, July 21, 2014

3 Letters - Weeks # 8/9/10 in Linstead

(A note from the blogger-mom… I'm sorry that there were not posts the past two weeks.  I don't know where they went, but I thought I posted two together last week.  So, I will now post 3 letters together.  Thanks for following Daniel on his mission!)

Week #10 - July 21st

Hey fam, 

This week has been pretty average. We have been doing a lot of hard work, and our area is slowly expanding.  It is cool to see our work begin to add up to something. 

The last two weeks we were able to see the fulfillment of the promise Christ gives to the seventy and his apostles. They were told not to carry "purse nor scrip" with them, and not to worry for temporal needs. The last two Sunday nights, Elder Koegler and I have had literally nothing in the pantry.  We would go to bed without dinner if something didn't turn up.  Two sundays in a row, right at the end of the night, we have, at random, received a full meal.  It has been cool to see how the Lord is looking out for us in a very literal way. 

I have been studying the scriptures a lot this week. I feel like my knowledge of the gospel has greatly expanded. I invite anyone and everyone to begin reading.  The scriptures are undeniable evidence of the truth of these things.  To add to that testimony, I learn something new every single time I read.  Even if I have already read the chapter over a hundred times.  If this gospel was a lie, the depth to it would have stopped long ago.  So, in closing, read your scriptures!  I draw so much strength from them, and love them with all my heart. 

Lydia! You hit your face on the wall of a pool? You gotta be careful girl! I am glad you are ok!

Nathan- There are no monkeys in jamaica. There are snakes, but they live out in the bush. There are also a lot of mongoose, so if the snakes come down from the mountains, they get eaten. I will try to send some pix, but I left the camera cord home, so not this week.

Everything is good here. I have had some good spirit filled lessons, and we have a few investigators who are very near to choosing happiness over misery now. I have high hopes for them. There is nothing more important.

I love you all,
Love, Daniel

Week #9 - July 14th

Hey fam,

Sounds like you had a great vacation. I am glad that you all enjoyed it so much.

My week has been great. I have had a few interesting experiences.   On Friday, Elder Koegler and I went to check a less active man that we have never met out in West Prospect. He was not there, but his brother, who lives next door was.  When his brother saw that we were looking for him, he called us over.  This man, Bro. G., said that he had felt a peaceful feeling when he saw us. He said he knew that we were "children of God". He asked us how to pray.  Elder Koegler explained it simply to him, and he was very grateful.  He asked us to  pray for him, and after doing that he let us know that he has always wanted to be Christian. I let him know that our job as missionaries involves teaching people what they need to know and preparing them to grow closer to our Heavenly Father through covenants. Covenants are promises we make with our Heavenly Father.  I told him that the first covenant that we all have to make is baptism.  He said that he wants to be baptized. I was amazed by this man.  He hardly knew anything about us, or the church, but he felt the spirit. I was prompted to extend a baptismal date to him right there.  I did, and he accepted.  He has a lot to learn before he will be ready to be baptized, but I know that as he studies with us, and prays to know the truth, that he can be prepared in a months time.  He was very humble and asked us to pray for him each day before we left.  It was an incredible experience.  I know that if he keeps up the sincerity, he will be more than ready very soon.

I did a lot of missionary work this week. Most days were average, but it is the experiences like the one above that lets me know I am here for a reason. I have been working hard, and things are finally starting to move forward.

I love you all very much! Stay strong in the faith.
Love, Daniel

Nathan- I am doing great. It sounds like you had a lot of fun on the vacation. I wish I could have been there. To say "I climbed a tree today", you say "mi climb di tree fi deh."  I haven't seen any more giant spiders yet, but I will let you know when I do. I love you!

Lyds- Wow, you got to do archery? I remember loving archery when I did it. It is a lot of fun. I  am sure that grandpa will love the cup you made him! Love, Daniel. 

Week #8  -July 7th

Hey fam,

It sounds like you all have had an eventful trip.  For better and for worse.  Haha.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  I am jealous that you all got to spend the fourth in the blessed United States of America.  I love that country with all my heart. 

My week has been good. Elder Koegler and I have been working hard. We have a lot of newer investigators and people that we have contacted that we are trying to meet with, but a lot of it has fallen through. That is the way things go sometimes though. Linstead is a beautiful place. I am really enjoying it here. 

I got to go on trade off in Spanish Town earlier in the week. I was confined to a brand new truck all day. The truck was great, but I think I prefer the bicycle. Elder Ambrose and I spent the day teaching their investigators, and raking a members yard. Spanish town is very hot and flat. There are a lot of good people there though. It was a good trade off.

Our investigator, Bro. Wilson, has been doing great.  He has not yet accepted a date to work towards for baptism, but his desire to know if these things are true, and to change his life for the better is very sincere. He loves to meet with us and is always full of good questions. I am excited for him. He has been studying the Book of Mormon and praying, so it probably won't take too long for him to find that these things are true.  That is one thing I love about the gospel.  It is simple, plain, and true, and yet it holds endless depth to it.  All one must do to know is sincerely desire to know, or to change, study, and pray.  Beautiful and simple. It is a great thing. 

I hope that you all are staying strong in the gospel. It is the only thing that can bring us true happiness and joy. It is the only reason that I can be content so far from home and all that I desire. I know it is true. 

I love you all very much!

Nathan- to say I'm full, seh "mi full up!" 
I have climbed coconut trees and grabbed coconuts. It takes a lot of strength to do. It is no easy climb. I don't know if I can get a coconut through customs, but who knows. 

Lydia- The trip sounds great! I hope you enjoy your week at philmont!

I love you all.
Love, Daniel

A banana spider - it's legs are 4" across. I played with it.

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