Wednesday, July 30, 2014

week #11 - Linstead

Hey fam,

This week has been really good. It included a zone meeting in Spanish town, interviews with Pres. Brown, a trade off with elder Kemp, and transfers.  Elder Koegler will be leaving Linstead to go to Savannah la Mar.  Elder Groesbeck will be going to Port More.  We will be receiving elder Bidduph from Spanish town, and I will be receiving elder Runyon from Hopeton.  Elder Runyon only has one transfer left, so he will die (finish his mission) here in Linstead.  I am excited to meet him.

My experience for the week took place last night.  Elder Koegler and I ran out of things to do.  We had called everyone.  We had absolutely no one.  And it was only five o clock.  We decided to ride out to Prospect in the hopes that a less active member out there would be home.  Upon arriving, we found him sitting outside his house chatting with his friend.  We went up and began to talk with them.  He asked some good questions related to the fulfilling of the law of Moses, and was very receptive as we answered them.  We taught him the whole restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon at the end.  We explained to him that the Book of Mormon is solid undeniable evidence that what we say is true.  I bore my testimony to him, and he accepted it well.  He was excited to begin reading and seeking to know for himself if it is true.  It was very exciting for us to find another prepared person.  It made a very long, uneventful day, totally worth it.

This next week, my good friend, Elder Ambrose will be returning to Trinidad.  I am very sad to see him go.  He was one of my zone leaders in Spanish town.  We have had some good times together.  That is the way the mission goes though.

I am glad to hear that you are all doing well.

Lydia- You will have to tell me how the talent show goes! I am excited for you.

Nathan- m'daya m' yute. me done chat wid a likkle yute yesterday bout super eroes dem. im' a seh dat supa mon is di baddest. wa ya tink? Mi tink batman is badda. mmm...

I also got a haircut from my investigator this week.  I allowed a jamaican barber to cut my hair.  Not that I am prejudice or anything, it is just that barbers here only cut black hair.  He did a pretty good job though.  It was a good bonding time with him.  He was very excited to do it.  I will send a pic.

I love you all very much! Enjoy the week and take care of yourselves!
Love, Elder Pullan

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