Monday, September 8, 2014

week #17 - Linstead

Hello everyone!

Transfer calls were yesterday!  Big news!  I will be training a brand new missionary!  I am very excited to meet him.  I will not even know which one I am training until the transfer meeting on Tuesday.  Elder Runyan will be flying home on Thursday.  His family moved from Utah to North Carolina a few weeks back, so he will be flying "home" to there, then returning home for school a few weeks later.  I am really going to miss him.  I have had a great companionship with Elder Runyan. 

Elder Runyan bore his testimony in church yesterday. He talked a little bit about all he has learned and how we have been sent here for a reason. As he talked, I felt the spirit bare witness to me that one of the reasons I have been sent here is to train whoever it is I am training.  I am excited to meet him.  I am so grateful to my trainer for all the help he gave me, so I am looking forward to returning the favor. 

This week has been good.  We actually have a few people that are going to get baptized!  One is named Daniell.  Daniell is an awesome bright teenage girl.  She is already living the commandments, keeps all her commitments, and is committed to follow the example that Jesus Christ has set for us and be baptized on Oct. 5th if she continues to prepare well for that date.  It will be totally up to her whether she makes it or not, but I know that if she continues to do the things that we invite her to do, she will be able to know for herself that these things are true by that date. 

I was studying the promises the Lord gives us for being baptized this morning.  One great place that they are mentioned is in Mosiah 4:11-12.  The thing that stood out to me is that we are promised that we will "Always rejoice, and be filled with the love of God."  Can we ask for anything more?  I challenge you to look for these blessings in your life. I know that I have seen them in my own. I have never been happier.

I am no longer district leader. That position was passed to elder Kemp so that I can focus on my trainee.  I am excited for this next week.

I love you all. I know that the gospel is true. Stick to it and you will find happiness. 
Love, Elder Pullan

The District

Beautiful Jamaica

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