Monday, September 1, 2014

week #16 - Linstead

Happy Birthday Matthew and Lydia! My big 16 and 11 year olds. Wow! You guys look a lot bigger than how I left you. Your birthday parties sounded like a lot of fun. I am glad that you had a good one. I give you my best wishes for your last year without your bro around. Make it good!

I don't really have too much to say for the week.  Just more missionary work.  The other two elders in my house are Elder Kemp and Elder Biddulph.  I don't have an address on our house.  It is by the bottom of Dee Side, on King street though.  That might help.  They don't really use addresses here.  Just areas, and maybe lot numbers. Not often though. You just have to know where you are going, and ask around if you don't. 

Jamaica is a very very different place than america.  Upon coming here, I realized that many, if not most people will have a vastly different life experience from you.  We are born and live in privilege.  I think we have a lot of responsibility to do good with what we have.  I also think that a lot of people don't realize this because they are not really aware of what they have. Everyone could use a good year or two in a third world country.  It will flip your perspective for sure.

I am jealous that you will be going to the cabin soon.  I really love Seattle, and the cabin. 
Elder Biddulph is healing up surprisingly fast.  He is the one who crashed his bike.  He is doing well though.  He got his tooth filled in Spanish Town the other day, and he got the stitches in his elbow out on friday.  I am glad to see that he is up and going again.

Not too much has happened for me this week.  I have been working hard, but we are going to have to stop teaching a lot of the people we have been working with.  I hate to drop them because I see their potential, but when they are not willing to act, we have to move on and seek those that will.  My companion will be going home on the 11th of september.  It is a little weird to see him on the home stretch.  I will be there soon enough though.  Time flies too fast.

I love you all! Enjoy your week and stay safe!
Love, Elder Pullan

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