Thursday, April 30, 2015

week #20 -kingston

Hey fam,

This week was better than the last one.  Don't worry.  We are still struggling with investigators.  We talk to people, but they don't keep their appointments.  We work a lot with the members in our area and have a good relationship with the bishop.  Sometimes things are tough so that we can learn lessons, not because we are doing anything wrong. 

I am working hard and I know things will pick up soon enough.  When we don't have anything to do, we go and find on the streets.  Many people work during the days and there tends not to be a whole lot of people out, but we do all we can.

You think Sis. Hamilton has a heavy accent?  Haha.  She is about as proper as it gets. Unnu nah gwaan fi undastand nah 'eavy accent.  (You won't be able to understand a heavy accent.) It takes some time to get down.  I can't blame you.  We usually do service for Sister Hamilton, or anyone else that asks.  Generally this happens once a week or so.

I ran into an insane rasta this week. Not the first time that has happened, but ask me about it when I get home.  I will have stories to tell.  I have not told you all of them for your sakes.  Haha.

Wednesday was great.  After District Meeting we went to KFC.  One of our new investigators saw us as we were locking up our bikes and handed us $2000 for lunch.  I was dumbfounded.  It made my day.  It paid for the four of us and really increased the troops' morale.

This weekend was the church open house.  On Friday night, we went to the church and helped clean and set up.  Each different auxillary had its' own room.  My art was in high demand.  I ran about with a box of chalk and designed the chalkboards of anyone that asked.  I did a lot of typography of words like "young men" and "Melchizedek Priesthood" in chalk.  I would have gotten a picture, but president Brown has asked us not to carry our cameras on us unless we have a specific reason too.  That is why I don't get too many pics now a days.  
The open house was a success.  It cleared up so many misconceptions that people have about the church.  It would have been good if we could have gotten more people there, but we will focus on that next time.  The open house was put on by the stake.  Elder Beck and I gave five minute presentations in the sacrament hall.  We discussed our belief in Christ, his Atonement, and watched the church's most recent Easter video. Everything went great.

We will be helping out the salvation army with shoes tomorrow for most of the day. We will be sizing people's feet and getting them what they need over in Waterloo.  Most of the Kingston district missionaries should be there. It will be fun.

Elder Meacham and I are going with Downtown (Davis and Johnson) out to Port Royal and Fort Rocky today.  I have never been out to Port Royal, so we are going to explore it.  It is a tiny town.  Fort Rocky is the place we went to to play capture the flag a ways back.  We are going to run and jump and climb all over the abandoned ruins.  It should be fun! I am excited to do some more running and jumping and climbing.  Don't worry, I will be safe. I should have some pictures for you next week.

I forgot to answer your question about dying in Kingston. If I do die here, (finish his mission) it will be fine.  Kingston is great, and I would be ok with that.  I would like to go somewhere else and get to know one last area before I leave, but we will see. I have one transfer left, so there is a chance I will leave. I will know in a few weeks.

I love you all!  Take care,
Love, Elder Pullan

The following was in an email to Derek: Thanks Dad. I am getting to the bitter sweet end of things. I am really excited to see everyone, but it is going to pierce my heart to leave my island. I will not be returning home at the end of my mission, I will be leaving it. Again.

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