Monday, September 9, 2013

I love my mission...

Hey everyone-

I have some awesome pix to send you, but I don't know if I will be able to get them off today. I brought the wrong cord.  I am kind of running out of time. 

Elder Barber and I went for an adventure where we locked our bikes up at the top of Sunnyside and hiked through Canaan Heights. We taught a couple of lessons back there, and then ended up on a trail. We ran into the river, and after talking to a guy on the other side, jumped from rock to rock across it. That is what the pictures are of. The other side led us across the railroad track and to... Sister Nelsons! I had no idea it led there. Jamaica doesn't use addresses very well, and everything is confusing, so even though I know exactly where I'm going, I still can't lay out a map in my mind. 

We have a couple of solid investigators that I have high hopes for. This is also the first week that I have really loved. I love my mission and I think that I will be really sad to return home. 

I will see what I can do about the fruit situation mom. I bet we can hook up with some street vendors and be ok. It rained a couple times again this week. In fact, I am a little damp right now as I'm writing you. It's all good though. Just part of the mission. Nothing too big happened this week, but I am enjoying it.

There are soooo many crazy people in May Pen.  This week I learned that they put all the crazy people from bigger towns in a truck and drop them off here.  We run into all kinds of people here.  The best part is, you can talk to anyone and everyone.  Most people live on the street, so there is no end to crazy people talking to us and people thinking we are in the CIA.  For reals.  A pretty good amount of people think we are with the CIA.  It's pretty funny.

We got to listen to Elder Holland's CES devotional last night. It is ridiculous how excited I get over things like that now that I am out here. General Conference is going to be like Christmas! I am so excited! And Christmas is going to be kind of like General Conference. I'm not quite as excited for that. Elder Holland's talk was great. He talked a lot about the choices we can make in our lives in order to align ourselves with God's plan. Poor choices never lead to happiness. I have also learned a lot about the kingdoms of glory, God's comprehension of time, and our eternal potential. I encourage you all to study this a bit as it will solidify our goal of celestial glory in our minds. I have had some awesome study sessions. Studying is actually one of my favorite things to do now. Study and draw. I still do quite a bit of drawing. 

A bike light would be nice.

I love you guys!  I wish I had a little more time to write. 
Love, yo bredda,
Elder Pullan

How has school been for the kids? Has nathan adjusted to the full day yet? How does lydia like 4th grade? Is matthew enjoying high school? Is rachel settling in ok? And any news on dad's job? How are you doing mom? I love to hear from you guys. Good luck and stay strong. 

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