Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In which Daniel repairs a truck and eats sugar cane...

Ya alright? Tell Matthew and lydia happy birthday for me. It looked like they had a good one. This week was good. I had some beetroot carrot juice (which is really good), learned how to fix a dumptruck, weaved through heavy traffic in the dark, and cut and ate sugar cane with a machet. Our investigator was fixing his truck when we came over last time. So, naturally, we helped him remove his huge double tires, replace the tire, and repair the drive shaft. The sugar cane was really good too. You cut a piece off of the stock, peel the hard outside, and then chew the juice out of the stock and spit out the extra. It tastes like sugar water made with raw sugar. It is actually really good. 

This week has gone really slow. We have not had a whole lot of success, but that is all part of the work. We are doing our best and working hard, so there is not much more we can do. The new elder is Elder Packer. He replaced Elder Bateman, who headed off to train in the Kingston area. Elder Packer is an awesome elder from Magna UT. He is 19 and actually got his call only like a week after I got mine, but didnt leave till the end of august. I guess I just got lucky. I miss elder Bateman, but elder Packer is a great guy too. There just aren't any bad missionaries in Jamaica. Every single missionary I have met has been a good missionary. It really is an incredible testimony to the fact that the Lord is hastening his work here. Elder Packer  is a bigger, nice guy, with a friendly, optimistic personality. It is good to have him around because Elder Barber has a lot the same personality that I do. Not in a bad way, but we both just aren't the most optimistic people ever. But it has all been pretty good. 

The market is sweet, but fruit from the store tends to be expensive here. We generally don't buy from vendors because you dont know how long the food has been there, so we honestly dont get a lot of fruit or vegetables. When we do it is delicious though.  We don't get much money, and between bike costs, travel costs, eating out here and there because our home is so far from our area, and our normal food each week, we end up being pretty close to dirt poor. That's mission life though. And its not like were any different from anyone else here. Dirt poor. I am enjoying myself. 

The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I can feel myself growing and becoming a better man with each step. I hope to be able to consecrate myself to the work as I go. The only way that we will be changed by the work we do in any calling is through consecration. Once we give up our own desires and turn to the lord, we open up the pathway for miracles to happen. A good example of this is President Brown. He has sold is house in Spanish Town. All of his stuff in in a members basement. He lives at the mission home, and has no idea where he will go at the end of the three years. He's not worried though. The Lord takes care of his own, and as we become one in Him, he takes care of us. So I encourage all of us to become consecrated in our callings. As we do this, miracles will  happen. I know that because of Pres. Brown's sacrifice, miracles will happen in Jamaica.

How is school going for the kids? How is Matthew doing with driving and XC? Is Rachel settling in ok? 
I love you guys. Stay strong, have fun, and good luck.

Bless and love,
Elder Pullan

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