Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lightning Strikes, Chicken Foot Soup & A Baptism Date


First, my event of the week-

This last week, the coconut tree in our front yard got struck by lightning.  It was just another one of those "run downstairs and tell mama and papa P (our landlords that we live above) that their coconut tree just got struck by lightning and is now on fire" moments. You gotta love them. The tree was only about thirty feet from where I was sitting inside. The flash of light was blinding and the noise left my ears minorly shell shocked.  We tried to put the fire out but couldn't reach it because our water and power was out.  The power and water go out pretty frequently here.   We ended up just having to let the fire get rained out.   So that is my exciting experience of the week!

This week we were able to get a couple solid investigators that are now working towards baptism. One of our investigators can't read, so we hike up into the sketchiest place in our area every day to read the Book of Mormon with him. We met him through teaching a late night restoration lesson at a bar.   The next day when we were riding by, the bar owner told us that his friend wanted to talk to us.   We found him that day.   He told us that he is looking to turn over a new leaf and that he couldn't get our message off his mind all that night.   He has a good heart and a baptism date for the twelfth of October.  There is no greater calling than that of rescuing our brothers and sisters and assisting the Lord in his work. 

This week also included my first chicken foot soup. Mama P (our land lady downstairs) made it for us.   The chicken feet are rubbery.  They have hardly any meat on them.  If you're a real Jamaican, you eat the bone too.  The bone was interesting, but not too bad. Maybe we will have to get some chicken feet when I get home so you can give it a try for yourselves. 

We got a little bit of rain this week. Our biggest storm was the lightning storm I mentioned before.  I was home with Elder Packer that day because he was sick all week.  Elder Whitlock went out with Elder Barber that day so he could teach some.   Elder Packer is doing fine now.   He had a lot the same thing that I had two weeks before leaving, but less severe.  (A para-tonsilar infection).  They ended up spending ten hours at the hospital getting drugs that you could pick up at smiths for a couple bucks.  The med care here is free, but it would be for the best if I can avoid it.  I would not trust anyone in the hospitals to keep me alive if it came down to that.  So, as the Jamaicans say, pray for me.  The storm knocked our power and water out for a long time that day.  I spent most of the day drawing and studying.  There was quite a bit of lightning really close by.  It is amazing to see the power of a lightning bolt dropping from the sky. 

A conference ensign would be awesome mom. 

I love you guys. Enjoy your week and keep pressing forward. I am going to try and get a few pictures off with the time I have left.  

Elder Pullan

(note: no pictures came through today :(

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