Monday, September 16, 2013

The work progresses in May Pen...

Wagwaan Fam?

My week consisted of a couple of rainy days and a couple of promising investigators. We got two of our investigators to church this week! Its the first time we have gotten an investigator to church in weeks. We have found a lot of people that we are starting to teach, and we currently have two investigators who are working towards a baptismal date. The work is starting to pick up. The Lord labors with us in the vineyard, that is something that I cannot deny. I love the people here, and May Pen is sweet.

I also got to try Rastafarian food this week. Rastafarian food is all natural and really good. It consisted of rice, beans and soy, festival (a mini scone type thing), and some delicious peanut soup. One of the other missionary's investigator went with us and we sat on the steps and talked as we ate. 

This week also consisted of quite a bit of dodging traffic and close calls. I'm alive though. And its nothing to worry about. Here in Jamaica, you simply learn to swerve rather than brake. This is something I happen to be pretty good at. Since most bikes have terrible brakes in Jamaica (don't ask me why) swerving becomes a necessity. I have tried to fix my brakes, and no, nothing helps. It's just the low quality of the supplies they have here. Honestly, I can't complain. It adds a little spice to my day, and is just another crazy story to tell upon my return home.

Elder Barber and I went to some shady places this week, talked to some crazy people, and bashed with an absolutely insane man who insisted that we are CIA and that the only reason we aren't driving benzos (Mercedes Benz) is because we go to areas that are too rough for them. Not because we don't have any money. I also saw the biggest ganja spliff of my mission to date this week. Wow. Talk about destroying your body and blackening up (getting high). Some people just don't understand how terrible it is for you. I guess thats why I'm here though. I have to help those that don't get it to understand so that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, they can change their lives and come unto him. Likewise, we are all to do the same. Through the atonement, we can all be clean again and return to live with our Father in Heaven. Never forget this. Always strive to be better and to draw closer to him. As we "draw near unto him, he will draw near unto us". I love you guys. I will try to send a couple pix before time runs out.

Elder Pullan

Happy birthday mom! I love you and I appreciate all of your help and support. I love the fact that you were always home and that I lived in a home with two married parents that were strong in the gospel. I love you and can't thank you enough for everything you taught me. Enjoy your birthday!
Love, your son,
Elder Pullan

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