Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #1 in Montego Bay

Hey fam-

Happy new year!  It sounds like you all had a good one. I am loving Mo Bay so far. It is a very unique place. I will tell you a bit about it:  Mo Bay. Is tha dopest. I have only been here a couple days, but as of now, it is my favorite place on the island. I think I like it more than Kingston. The bay is beautiful. I haven't been down to it yet, but I will get there eventually. We spend most of our time up Mount Salem. We have a lot of great investigators that are so prepared to hear the gospel. They are great people, and good friends to me. Montego Bay consists of lots of close together, generally smaller houses. They are built up in the hills, so there are lots of small steep side streets that branch off of the main road. Just like the rest of Jamaica, most of Mo Bay is ghetto, run down, old, and grimy. It just wouldn't be Jamaica without it though. 

As far as the branch goes, it is about as big as the May Pen branch, and is pretty strong. Our branch mission leader is Brother Lee. He is a great guy. I think you would enjoy his accent. Classic Jamaican. "Yes Breddren".  The Montego Bay  branch is growing quickly. I have high hopes for it, and I am excited to be here.

I have not been downtown yet. I have caught glimpses of it from the hills though. It looks really nice and Americanized. Maybe we will stay there when we come back. Or we will stay up in the ghetto with some of the members. I guess we will see. I have seen the beautiful ocean from a distance, but have yet to see the white sand beaches that are supposed to be so great.

We live right next to Jarrett park. Jarrett park is a big Cricket field/stadium. There aren
't any games going on now, so we don't have to deal with crowds.  Our apartment has three locks on it. We have the Iron veranda gate, an iron gate across the door, and then the locked door. Welcome to Jamaica. This is the way everything goes here. Gates, locks, and lots of fences.

My companion is Elder Hall. He is a quirky guy. Its ok though. He is a good missionary, and we get along well. I am in an apartment with Elder Dawkins and Elder Farb. Our apartment tends to be on the more quiet side, so I just chill at my desk and play my ukulele in the little free time I have. I am getting good by the way! Can't wait for you to hear me.

Later today, we will do our shopping and wash. We have a washing machine now! No more hand wash! I might just have to teach you all how to hand wash when I get home though. It is all part of the experience. I love you guys, and I am grateful you are doing so well. I wish I could write a likkle mo, but I am running out of time.  I'm sorry to hear about Grandma.

Till next week,
Love, Elder Pullan

(Note:  We looked at Montego Bay on Wikimaps and found Jarrett Park and Mount Salem. Hopefully, Daniel can give us an address next week so we can zero in on his street.)

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