Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week #2 in Montego Bay

Hey fam,

This week was Miss Joy's baptism.  Miss Joy is a great lady.  She has been investigating the church for twenty years now.  We were all so excited for her. Everyone we talked to asked the same question- "Joy's not a member?" She has been at church for the past twenty years. Every Sunday.  She even paid tithing.  I don't know why she took so long about it, but she finally decided to do it.  We were able to set up a special interview with President Brown to ok her living situation. That all went well, and on Sunday a good friend of hers had the opportunity of performing the ordinance for her.  It made for a pretty good week. 
To add to the week, Miss Joy made us some homemade ginger beer. She told us before we took it, "It'll bun ya!" And boy, did it.  It was some sharp stuff.  Delicious though!

White people.  I have seen a few more white people here in Mo Bay than I am used to. It is a tourist destination so that can only be expected. It is weird though.  Jamaica will never let me forget that I am white, but at the same time, I feel extremely out of place around white people (unless they are wearing a nametag).  I will be in culture shock when I get back for sure!

My companion- Elder Hall is great.  He seemed a little odd at first, but we are over that.  I love working with Elder Hall.  We teach well together, and get along fine, not that I have ever been a hard person to get along with.  He has a lot of song lyrics and guitar chords printed up from when there was a missionary with a guitar in his apartment.  We have been able to transpose most of them to uke, and have enjoyed jamming to them. 

Mo Bay is a great place!  As far as the red light district goes, it is both unavoidable, and not a problem.  Is there crime involved in the operation? Undoubtedly.  Welcome to Jamaica.  I live in the ghetto.  There is crime everywhere.  There is nothing to worry about. 

We are generally not supposed to ask the family to participate in special prayers, but at this time, I am going to ask you to pray for Elder Martin. Elder Martin was hit by a car a few days ago in Linstead. He is currently in the hospital in Kingston. He was in critical condition and went through a surgery, but last we heard, he is conscious and ok.  Please keep him in mind as you pray this week.

Mother- Can I get your lasagna recipe? We may go and make some lasagna one night with my best friend, Allison. Allison is 33 with a 6 year old kid. She comes teaching with us all the time. She is by far my favorite member here.  So yeah. The lasagna recipe would be good.  Thanks.

Dad- Talk ideas. The only thing that comes to mind now is Alma  13. It is a chapter that I studied over in depth the past few days. It talks a lot about the priesthood, foreordination, worthiness, and mechizedek. It would be worth a read.

Thankyou for your love and support.

Tek Cyare,
Elder Pullan

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