Tuesday, January 21, 2014

week # 3 - Montego Bay

Hello everyone,

It sounds like you all have had an enjoyable holiday weekend! 

On my end of things:
I found myself on the tenth floor of the Mo Bay Hospital to "pray" for someone on saturday. The tenth floor happens to be the psychiatric ward. Highlight- As I walk in the old lady in the corner yells "You're here!" She then walks up to me and asks "Are you King James?" I say no. She then shifts to George Bush. Then Bama (Obama). Wow. It was interesting. That whole experience was one for the journal. 

Its been a likkle on the rainy side this week. I have enjoyed the cooler weather. I wish it was like this all the time. I also have started another cool drawing. And my brand new size small faber castell ink pen is already out of ink.  Mother- if you could send me like ten size 03 prisma color or small faber castell ink pens for my birthday, that would be incredible. It is always my small ones that run out on me. 

Our house- Is the second house on the right going into the dead end line next to the gigantic red roofed calvary baptist church right next to jarrett park. It shouldn't be too hard to find on Wikimaps.

So I don't forget- Elder Martin is up and jogging. He is ok. Thank you for the prayers.

(Note: We are not sure if we received the whole letter because Daniel didn't write an ending.  We will ask him next week.)

The bottom of Crawford Street Gully

The view outside our apartment

The view outside our apartment

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