Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Montego Bay - week #4

Hey fam,

As for this week-  Not much happened. We had a lot of rainy days, walking around with wet feet all day. That is always a lot of fun. I did enjoy the cooler weather.  As you all know, I love the cold, so the rain is much appreciated. 

Elder Hall and I went for a run the other morning. We ran to the coast (which is only a half mile away) and then ran on the beach on the sand. It was a cool grey morning, and the rolling waves were beautiful. Oh, Jamaica. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of it. Today, however, I am going to Freeport with Jerome and Remario, two potential missionaries and friends. I will make sure to get some good pictures of the ocean while I am there. I guess that is the place to go for good views.  We are also going to make a stop by the wall of the dead. There is a wall somewhere in Canterbury with each don that has run the area and gotten killed over the past years. I have heard there are some funny paintings for a few of them, and that it is well worth the time to see. So more pictures next week!  Soon come. 

Before I forget, I have a request- can you send a dictionary in the next package? Just a small websters is ok. I would like to have one though. 

This week went pretty well for us here in Mo Bay. Our investigator, June, is so close to baptism, but she didn't really feel sure about it. When we sat down with her this week, she pretty much told us her problem. She didn't really understand the purpose of the Book of Mormon. We cleared that up now, and she has been reading every day since. We will probably give her another week or two, but it was good that we got that cleared up.

We have also been teaching a man named Wayne. He is something around 40 and has a baby mama and two daughters. He is currently living by himself at a mourge where he works as security. He is a great guy. He is sensitive to our message, and obviously prepared for it. We had two good spirit-filled lessons with him this week. I am really excited for him.
Those are our top two investigators right now. Obviously, we have a lot more, but those are the main ones. 

We also had a couple of delicious dinner appointments this week. The Jamaican cuisine may be limited, but man, it is good. The Lees fed us yesterday. Chicken, rice and peas, potatoe salad, and juice. It nah get nah bettuh.

That is my week for you.  I hope you all enjoy your own.

Elder Pullan

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