Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #7 - Montego Bay

Hey Fam,

This week was another good one in Montego Bay.  I recieved my birthday package!  Thanks for all of the stuff. I have enjoyed having a couple extra things to snack on, a new tie, some toy cars, new books, new ink pens (I was about due for some), and some letters to read. Thanks for the money and ramen grandma and grandpa! If there is anything I am forgetting, I apologize. I am grateful for all those that were thinking of me though. 

My birthday was a good relaxing day. Romario disappeared so we did not get to go see the wall of the dead. We are planning on it today though. Don't worry, we will get there eventually. I did not get floured on my birthday. I think Bird (Romario) was going to, but like I said, he disappeared. I am not too disappointed though. I got floured on Elder Fowkes birthday by accident back in October. It is not the best experience. Just a strange tradition. 

As far as what we teach- We teach the basic doctrines of the church. Mainly, the first three lessons in Preach my Gospel. These are; the restoration, the plan of salvation, and the gospel of Christ. The principles are put forth in a way that they connect well. If you want to know what I teach, just pick up Preach My Gospel. Teaching is a lot of fun. You really have to focus on relating what you teach to the investigator, inluding them in the discussion, keeping things on track, and making sure they understand. It takes a lot of work. We are focusing a lot on working with members to get referrals, and then teaching their friends with them. That is the most effective way to do missionary work.

The branch here is extremely unified. You can tell that everyone is great friends with each other. Church is a little different here. Rather than running home as fast as you can when church is over, people just hang around at the chuch and socialize for hours. Church activities will end up going past midnight, although we have to get home by 9:30. The unity of the branch is great. I think that we could use more of that back home. 

We work a lot with the potential missionaries. We take them out with us, give them good teaching experience, and try to motivate them to get their papers in soon. Elder Hall and I work mostly with Romario and Jerome. They are great guys. They are close on their papers and should be out soon. 

Mom- I bet you are keeping pretty busy with piano festival. I don't know how you do it each year. It is a lot of work.
Grandma and grandpa- Your trip to Panama looked amazing. I am sure you enjoyed the ocean and the warm carribean climate for a while.
Dad- Thanks for the email. You are always full of good advice. Thanks for being my dad.
Lydia-Thanks for the treats in the package!
Nathan- I love the cars you sent me. They are awesome!
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

Elder Pullan

The District
Massive Jamaican Moth (4" head to tail)

Sunset -from the church parking lot

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