Monday, February 24, 2014

week #8 - Montego Bay

Hello everyone,

Just another week in beautiful Montego Bay! We finally made it over to the Wall of the Dead last monday. Only to find that each of the dons had been painted over with blue paint.  I guess it was an effort to draw the community's attention away from the thug life, but it was still disappointing. 

We went into Canterbury to seek out a less active member. Canterbury is a rat's nest. There is one way in, a bridge that spans a deep gully. When you cross the bridge, you enter a large empty concrete pad. From there, small foot paths wind up between canyons of zinc fences into the hills. It was easy to see why the cops have so much trouble with canterbury.

As far as teaching goes this week, we did have a few good lessons with June. June has been progressing towards baptism for a long time. She is waiting to receive a confirmation from the spirit that this is the way that our Heavenly Father would have her go. We have been praying hard for her. We had a lesson with her where a few members bore testimony of their baptism to her. It all went very well. We are excited for her. Baptism soon come. Hopefully.

This week has been pretty average. Nothing really sticks out that I feel that I need to say. I have enjoyed walking up and down Mount Salem in the blistering hot sun each day. I may be being slightly sarcastic, but Jamaica really is a unique and beautiful place.

Thanks fam. I love you guys. 
Keep up the good work. Good luck with the plays this week. 

Love, Elder Pullan

Me in Canterbury

The Bay

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