Monday, February 10, 2014

Week #6 - Montego Bay

Hello Everyone,

I would write more, but we spent half our email time today breaking the jammed door knob off the clerk office door with a screwdriver and other odds and ends.  Good times.

To sum up my week, it has been good old missionary work to the max.  We have been working a lot with Romario and trying to get him out to teach with us as much as possible.

Our plans for today- We are going to go see the wall of the dead (finally).  And, I have not been floured. Yet.  Soon come I fear.   I have not received the birthday box yet. Things take a long time to make their way over to mo bay.  Soon come. 

Last Monday, Elder Hall and I bought pizza stuff and we went up to Allisons.  We had a fun night making pizza and had a good family night lesson with the fam.  It made for a fun P-Day. 

To answer mom's questions:  We email at the church in the clerk's office.  There is only one computer here, so we go early so that the other elders can use it later on.  We do not go door to door proselyting. Every house has locked gates and barbed fences.  At best we gate call.  But we do not do that often. Tracting in general is ineffective and we are specifically told not to do it (unless the spirit directs otherwise).

Last week added up to some frustrating people, and Bible bash with jdub, and a few too many ignorant racist jamaicans.  We get so much crap for being white.  You would not believe some of the stuff we hear.  It made for not the best week, but this last one was good.  We have some investigators that are actually progressing, and everything is going well.  Transfer calls were Saturday.  I will be with Elder Hall for another one. 

All is well here. I love you guys. I will send some pix if I have time.
I am really sad that I am missing the Olympics. It is about time that they put slopestyle in as an event.
Lydia- Great job with the spelling bee. That is really impressive!

Elder Pullan
Beautiful Mo Bay

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  1. Happy birthday Daniel! We love hearing about all your adventures in Jamaica. Thanks for sending pictures too; it's so helpful to be able to visualize where you are. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying better weather than we are :) Love, Amanda & Jason