Monday, March 10, 2014

week #10 - Montego Bay

This week has been rainy in Montego Bay.  We had a few days of being soaked to the bone, and trying to dodge the rain between appointments.  We seemed to do pretty well with it.  It would rain while we taught and then clear up as we ran to the next appointment.  This happened on multiple occasions. It was pretty cool!
We taught Stokley earlier this week.  Stokley's brother got shot about a week ago, so we have been doing our best to be there for him. We taught him a little about baptisms for the dead recently, and he took it well. On one of the rainy days, we taught Stokley. He lives at the bottom of a deep gully. The rain didn't let up, so we ended up running along the bottom of the gully jumping back and forth over the rushing stream at the bottom, and climbing up the muddy hills in heavy Jamaican rain. It was a lot of fun. 

Jennifer has been doing well. She is plowing through the Book of Mormon and loving it. She is a very humble, loving person. I am very excited for her. She is always so happy to see us. 

Elder Hall and I wrote a book for Romario over the past few weeks. Romario was supposed to go out teaching with us on multiple occasions, but he never answers his phone. He is terrible with it. So we made the book as a guilt trip for him so that he will start answering his phone. It is too long to send the whole thing, but I will send you a preview. 

Hmmm... nothing too monumental happened this week. Just more teaching.  More good lessons. More missionary work.

It sounds like you are doing well back home. I am glad that piano festival went good.  I am sure that everyone did great in their plays and  piano festival. I am sorry I missed them.

Nathan- more patois:
Dats- that's
Bwai- boy
cho- an expression of disappointment

Dad- You covered exactly what I would have had you talk about for starts - the fact that a mission is hard. I got out here and seemed like no one had been straight with me about their mission.  No one directly told me that it would in fact be hard, although that should have been assumed.   Maybe you could speak on charity next.   You will be ineffective in your work until you gain the love of Christ for the people you serve.  You have to care about them.  And, as I have found, different cultures and people are not always easy to love. It may be a good topic to look into.

I love you all,
Love Elder Pullan

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