Monday, March 3, 2014

week #9 -Montego Bay

(patois according to Google: means "that's 1/3 boy!")

This week was great. Mango season is coming up! They still aren't ripe in most places, but we did have some delicious fresh mangoes on friday. Here in Jamaica, you peel them with your teeth and simply hold it and eat. It can be a little messy, but it is undoubtedly the best way to eat a mango. 

We had a great lesson with our land lady, Jennifer this week. Jennifer has been reading parts of the Book of Mormon that we have assigned to her for months now. She has probably read more than half of it at this point. We had a great lesson where we told her that when she prays, if she wants answers, she needs to wait and listen. This was real news to her. Waiting for a short time during or after a prayer for an answer had never occurred to her. The spirit has really touched her, and she is now starting the Book of Mormon from front to back. She is the caretaker for the old woman that owns the house, so she is not allowed to leave, even to come to church. We are going to have to wait until the old woman's daughter gets back. When she is back, Jennifer will be able to come to church, and soon after get baptized. Jennifer is a little like our mom here. She cooks for us on occasion and is always looking out for us. So don't worry, I am well taken care of. 

Those pictures were from the front of our apartment inside the gate. Our apartment is actually a house, with several rooms for rent. We have a completely seperate section around the side of the house, and up a flight of stairs. Our apartment has 3 doors - a veranda gate, a second gate over the door, and then the door. Inside, we have a kitchen, living room, bedroom with two bunk beds, two baths, and Elder Hall and I's study room. It is small, but comfortable. Our apartment is great. Elder Dawkins and Farb are the other companionship in our apartment. Our household is fairly quiet, other than the sound of Elder Hall's guitar and my ukulele. Elder Hall is a funny kid from Alberta Canada. He enjoyed acting in plays and was in a band back home. Elder Dawkins was born in Jamaica, and raised in New York. Elder Farb is old (26!) and from California. We all work hard and love mo bay.

All is well here in Jamaica. We are still waiting  for June to get her confirmation to be baptized, but soon come. I have also been working on a children's storybook for Romario. It is designed to guilt trip him for being so flakey and never answering his phone. Elder Hall and I have enjoyed putting it together.

I hope all of the plays went well. Lydia and Nathan- you look great in your costumes! I wish I could have been there for the play!

Thanks for the help and advice mom and dad. I love you guys!

I got grandma and grandpa pullan's package this week! Thank you for the book and the twenty dollars. I will enjoy reading it and I will have to get myself a treat. I love you too.

Thanks all,
Till next week,
Elder Pullan.

oh... the zinc fences in canterbury- they are simply the fences for yards. There are houses inside each little compound, and a rats nest of passages in between.

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