Monday, March 31, 2014

week #13 - Montego Bay

Hi fam-

This week began with cake.  Elder Farb baked up that birthday cake you sent me and we had it for breakfast one morning.  Mmmmmm.  Delicious!  Thanks mom.

This week has been hot, as always.  We have taught a lot of good lessons and are working hard.

As a quick investigator update, J____ has fallen off the map for a short time, we are trying to meet up with her again.  B_____ got his head messed with by one of his friends from another religion, so he doesn't really want to see us anymore.  It is really unfortunate because he was doing so well.  Our rasta friend is coming along just fine.  He is a great guy, and he has been building his faith through keeping commitments!  We are very excited for him. He said he prayed and felt a sense of approval of the direction he is moving in.  He didn't make it to church because of a miscommunication between him and his member friend that he was going to come with, but he is going to make it for conference this next week.  

We have a new elder in the apartment.  Elder Christensen arrived here from Spanish Town
on Wednesday night.  He is a great elder.  We have enjoyed having him with us.  Elder Christensen and I have started running in the mornings.  On our first morning, I took us on a five mile jaunt that neither of us was quite prepared for.  We took it pretty fast, and having not run in nine months, as you can imagine, I am pretty sore.  I got some bad blisters too.  I am taking care of them though.  Don't worry.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at a member's house on tuesday.  Their house was incredible.  A wonderful Jamaican villa overlooking the ocean from up in the hills.  That is where the picture of the flower I am going to send came from.

Elder Hall and I were in a tri-panionship with Elder Farb on Wednesday while transfers where happening.  After teaching at the bottom of Crawford Gully, we wanted to get over to Westgate, on the other side of the gully.  We figured that there would be a trail cutting through. Not so.  We walked through the bottom of the gully, hiked over an area where bottles and trash were piled up to two or three feet deep, and then scrambled up the steep gully sides through the bush until we emerged on the road to Westgate.  It was nothing less than an adventure.  We found a glass trophy commemorating something to the hospital buried in the trash.  We picked it up and brought it home as a memorial to our adventure.  It should remain the house for a long time.

I am really excited for general conference this next week.  It is amazing that we have the opportunity to hear from prophets and apostles in our days.  It is truly the word of the Lord through his servants.  Make sure to take the opportunity to go, and listen to what the Lord has to say to us.  Take notes and get as much out of it as possible.  It really is just for us. 

Nathan-  great job skiing.  I am jealous of you.  Do your friends really not believe in Jamaica?  I bet they will after we show them the Flat Stanley pictures.  Make sure to remind me so I don't forget!

Jamaican words-
Unu   (oo-noo)   - you
Wagwaan   (wah-gwon)   - what is going on?
wa't'gwaan   (wah-teh-gwon)   - "                 "
w'appen    (wop'n)   - what's happening
yute   (yoot)   - youth. as in "my yute"
irie   (I-ree)   - cool
jah- God
oomon- (oo-mon) - woman
yes general, yes boss, yes chief, aight   (ah-ite)   - greetings

Make sure to open your mouth wide and breathe out more/use more as you speak. Your mouth with move a lot more than it will speaking English

A little more for you-

likkle more (likkle mo')- I will see you in a little bit / bye.
me belly bottom a bun (burn) me!- I'm hungry.
'toppynigh! (say it like its spelled.)- Stop the noise.
Me'a tomp ye 'ead- Im going to hit you.

Give it a go! Patois is the best!

Lydia-  Thanks for the email!  Great job with the spelling bee.  Don't feel bad that you got out.  We all make little mistakes.  Good job to you and Nathan with the play.  I bet you did great.  I am sorry I wasn't there for it.

Take care!  I love you all.
Bless up!
Love, Cho bredda
Elder Pullan

PS- By the way, J____  just called. We are set up to meet with her tomorrow at six. 
Wish us luck!

Gully Adventure!

The flowers I talked about.

Early morning birthday cake
I haven't really sent you any of the art I have done on my mission. There isn't much of it, but here is one of my pieces for you.  This is done with ink pens and markers.

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