Monday, March 17, 2014

week #11 - Montego Bay

This week has been really good.  We had Branch Conference yesterday.  It was great.  I was able to learn a lot from each of the talks.  They focused a lot on self reliance, and President Allen had some good thoughts on the grace of God. He said "God does not step in and save us by grace after all we can do. I have found that he is there every step of the way. We cannot do anything without the help of his grace." 

We also found two very prepared investigators this week.  The first is Jodian.  We had met her before, but she didn't really want to talk to us. Some things happened in her life that made her want to change, and she thought of us. We received a call from her on Tuesday and she said she wanted to meet with us.  When we got there, she had read through both of the pamphlets that we had given her, taken notes on them, and answered all of the questions in the back.  She accepts everything we say and it all seems to connect for her as we teach. 

The second investigator is Benny.  Benny has been sincerely seeking truth for a long time. He has a bible that has been well loved and full of notes.  Benny wants to be baptized, but realizes it is a serious thing, so he has taken his time and is looking for truth.  He was very excited when we showed him the Book of Mormon.  He is going to start reading.  We hope to get his family involved soon also. 

Jennifer has been continuing to progress.  She is always very excited to meet with us, and excited about the gospel.  She is a wonderful lady.  June is in New York for a while. We are hoping that she keeps up the reading and praying so that she will still be strong when she gets back. 

This week, we cut through the canterbury gully to get to a road on the other side. I have been a lot of sketchy places on my mission, but that has been the second one that I have actually felt unsafe. I got proposed to by a chubby middle aged woman on our way through (not the first time that has happened. I think I am on count three... or four with that), and on our way in, a thug pretty much gave us permission to pass through.  Sketch.  Welcome to my ghetto life. 

We also got to spend some time teaching with Romario this week. It is always fun to go with him. He is one of my favorite people here for sure.

Nathan- more Patois.
Giving directions:
Up so, down so, round so, ere so, der so, straight round.
Simply add "gwaan" to the beginning of each of these phrases and direct people to their destination. Make it confusing though! Jamaicans aren't the best with directions.

I'm glad everything is good back home. Mom, I enjoyed the thought you sent from Pres. Uchtdorf and the thought from your talk dad. We can find nothing but blessings as we lose ourselves in the service of others and the service of the Lord. 

I love you guys,
Love, Elder Pullan.
At a member family's house for dinner

Jamaican Sunset

Roasting breadfruit at the apartment
An excerpt from "A Tale of Bird", Romario's (Bird's) book
North Banks Wicked City graffiti from the bottom of canterbury gully. In the storm drain.

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