Tuesday, August 19, 2014

week #14 - Linstead

Hey fam,

This week has been a good one. Elder Runyan and I have been working very hard. We have a lot of good investigators. I really really hope that they can go somewhere. It all comes down to their desires though. It is almost annoying sometimes. They won't give up a bad thing simply to allow a good thing to come into their lives. Even when they know that their life would be better when the accept the gospel. 

To explain the pictures, two nights ago, we had a fry chicken cook off. We whipped it up with breadfruit and festival and enjoyed a late night meal on the veranda. The night finished with a quick clean up, and playing guitar. 

The other picture is of me and my friends, planting a tree. This tree was actually a dead branch off of a breadfruit tree, but we attempted to make the kids believe that it would grow. It didnt work, but I think that they did enjoy the fun. Crazy white guys planting trees. I doubt they will ever forget it.

I will be going into Kingston on Thursday for zone conference. I am really looking forward to it. It should be a good one. I will also be getting a guitar in Kingston. I figure it will be best to learn on six string rather than five, so I guess I will probably sell the new one off before I go home. I really do love the guitar though. One thing I have learned about myself out here is how much I love music. I really can't go without it. Back home I would just listen to it while I drew, but now that I don't have that, I have to make it myself. I am having a great time with it too. Thanks for all your efforts to teach me music mom. Sorry I couldn't stick with it. I guess with me, if I lack the motivation, it won't  happen. 

I hope that your first week of school is good everyone! Tell me how it goes.
I love you all!
love, Elder Pullan

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