Tuesday, August 12, 2014

week #13 - Linstead

Hi fam -

My week has been pretty good.  Elder Runyan and I have been working very hard.  We have found a lot of new people who are willing to listen to the message of the restored gospel.  Hopefully they will be willing to make some changes too.  It breaks my heart when people begin to see the truth, and then are unwilling to make the changes necessary to live the commandments.  In a way, it is much like the story of Cain.  It is in a very literal sense "loving God more than satan".  This is not to say that a change in lifestyle is easy for people, but if they truly loved God, they would be willing to do what it takes.  And the only thing that could come from such a shift is happiness and blessings.  I hope that some of these people I teach will be ready to make the change later on in life, even if they are not willing to now.  
Lydia- We do have three people with a baptismal date right now. They have each agreed that when they know it is true, they are willing to make a promise with our Heavenly Father to keep his commandments.  It is a huge step for them, but a very exciting one.  I hope that they will do what it takes to find out if this is true for themselves, and then change whatever needs changed.  
We have been teaching a great family.  They have four younger daughters.  The daughters are fun to be around and are really great kids.  The parents really do want to follow God and set a good example for their kids.  They have a lot of potential.  I am excited  to see where they go. 
The week has been great. It flies by when you are working hard.  
I guess the cool experience of the week is the fact that the mother of the kids I mentioned recieved a dream in which an angel told her that "those white guys" that she has been meeting with are representatives of Jesus Christ. It was cool to see that she had that experience. 

I am doing well. I hope all of you are good too. Get feeling better nathan!
Love, Elder Pullan

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