Tuesday, August 26, 2014

week #15 -Linstead

Hey fam,

First off, I got your package.  I hung nathan and lydia's drawings up on the wall.  I have enjoyed the snacks too.  It is sooo good to have clean shirts.  I feel a lot less grimy now.  We will see how long that one lasts.  Thanks though! 

The picture I sent from Kingston was actually me and the three other elders I live with at Tracks and Records, a super nice restaurant started by Usane Bolt.  I was able to get a good burger there.  It reminded me a lot of America.  I have not been many places that nice in a while now. 

Zone conference was great.  Elder Cornish came and talked a lot about conversion. He also talked about how we, as missionaries are the only ones who have the keys to find, teach and baptize converts other than the twelve apostles.  So without our efforts, no one else would be able to enter into the covenant of baptism by the proper authority and make it to the celestial kingdom.  It sort of puts things into perspective.  This work is so important.  I really enjoyed seeing some of my old comps and friends there too.  It is always good to get back together with other missionaries.

I did manage to get a guitar in Kingston.  I will have to send a pic next week.  I am considering sanding off the finish and painting on the top, then re-applying an enamel.  We will see what I end up doing though.  I have really enjoyed playing it this week. 

This week, elder Biddulph got into a bad bike accident.  He was coming down high mountain in the dark.  He hit a pothole and his handle bar snapped.  He chipped out half of his front tooth, got a lot of road rash, and had to get a few stitches.  He is doing a lot better now though.  I am grateful that it wasn't worse.  He was able to get the care he needed, and he is ok. 

We also had one of our investigators hide from us this week. I am sure that others have hid before, but this happened to be the saddest attempt I have ever seen, considering the fact that I saw her poke her head out the door and make eye contact with me on the way down to her house.  We went down and called at her house and her two young boys came to the door.  We asked if she was there and they said no.  We finally convinced the little boys to "Ask their mom what time we could come  back".  The smaller one did.  He came back around crying and holding his hand because his mom smacked him.  We took the opportunity to tell her how ridiculous she was, and left.  Haha.  It made for a funny experience.

That is my week for you.  All is well.  I am working hard. 
I hope you are all good.  I love you very much.
Love, Elder Pullan

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