Monday, October 6, 2014

week #21 -Linstead

Hey fam!

So picture this- Elder Biddulph had an ingrown toenail that he got fixed in Kingston a few days back. He had to go to Kingston for a follow up on it on Saturday. We didn't want him and his companion to go, because that would leave their investigators all alone, plus conference starts at 11 here, so we would not be able to make it back in time. So I went with him. We taxied down to Spanish Town and from there to Halfway Tree early in the morning. He got his check up and then we watched the morning session at the Constant Spring chapel in Kingston. We had lunch and made it back to Spanish Town in time for the afternoon session, and spent the Priesthood session in Linstead. It was pretty crazy! Haha. We were all over the place. We got to talk with some other missionaries along the way too, so that was fun.

Conference was great. I love to hear the words of the prophet. The prophet and the apostles are able to teach the necessities of the gospel and apply them to these days with such simplicity.  I know that they are called of God.  They speak with authority and power.  I love that there was a lot of influence on how to gain a testimony in the conference. Every member of the church needs to gain their own testimony of truth. Religion is absolute truth, just like math. It is not opinion. It is not debatable. It is true. But how do we find out the truth of things that we can't see in front of our faces? Just because we can't see it does not make it not true. In order to find truth of this kind, we have to ask God. In order to do this, we need to know what we are asking about. We need to put forth the effort to study the word, ponder, and then ask God with sincerity about the truth of it. I love that it was pointed out that there is one other requirement. In John 7:17? It says that if we want to know if the word is of God, we have to DO it.  We must live his commandments and then look for the blessings that come into our lives from living them.  This will build faith.  It will also guarantee us an answer from our Heavenly Father.  If any of you don't have a testimony of the truth right now, you need one. So get one.  This world is too hard to live off of the light of others.  We need to be valiant, and it took me far too long to gain a testimony for myself, which lead me into trouble at times.

None of our investigators made it to conference this week. That was a little disappointing.  I do know that a few of them were sick, but I have not followed up with all them yet.  I am sad that they missed such a great opportunity to hear a prophet of God.  We will keep trying though.  Everyone comes at their own pace.  Hopefully they will come though.

I did paint that design on the guitar mom. I also got the guy we are teaching up the street put a lacquer on it, so it is official. I love playing my guitar!

It has been a good week. I am doing well. I hope you all are good too! Tell Mariel congratulations for me. 

Stay strong I love you all!
Likkle mo' m' frenz. 
Love, Elder Pullan

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Lydia- Daniell did not get baptized yet. Hopefully soon. 
Nathan- When people ask you "wagwaan", you seh to im seh "m'daya". That is the basis of patois. M'daya mon.
Thanks for the scriptures rache. Those are some great ones. They are very encouraging. I love you guys!
Love, Elder Pullan

The following photos are from Elder Jernigan's letter:
The District - Daniel is on the far right.

Elder Jernigan with a banana spider! What a guy!

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