Monday, October 20, 2014

week #23 -Linstead

Hey Family,

This week has been average.  Everyone seems pretty worried about me.  I am ok.  Unu nah worry.  Haha.  Everything is good now. 

This week was transfers.  I will be staying in Linstead for another transfer to finish training Elder Jernigan.  Elder Biddulph is going to be going to Negril (Which is too bad because he has only been here for two transfers and I love him... but let the Lord's will be done), and Elder Kemp will be training a new missionary.  I have been here in Linstead for a very long time, but I am feeling fine with staying.  Its' nice to have an actual home for a while.

This week included a lot of teaching and a couple of rainstorms.  We did not get any of our investigators to church, but there are a couple that honestly intended to go.  I hope that some of them are going to get baptized soon here.  There are so many great blessings that come from simply promising our Heavenly Father to follow him and then doing our best.  I don't see why more people don't do it.  Finding out for themselves isn't too complicated, but I guess it might be the lifestyle change.  It will only bring happiness though.  I know that for myself. 

I love the gospel.  I love teaching it to others.  This work is hard and demanding, but I have been enjoying it.  There is no more important work than this. 

Your trip to Zion sounded like a lot of fun.  Was it fall break or something?  I have done Angels Landing before, but not with you guys.  It is a great hike.  I wish I could have been there!

Nice scratches on your face Nathan! I bet you are really good at scootering. Be careful though.

Keep up the good work everyone.  I love you all!
Love, Elder Pullan

The crew:
L-R (elder Kemp, elder Jernigan, elder Biddulph, yours truly)
My latest art work (bad lighting) titled "Linstead Jamaica"

better lighting

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