Tuesday, October 28, 2014

week #24 - Linstead

Hello Everyone!

My week-
This week we got a new elder in the house. His name is Elder Johnson. He is brand new, fresh out of my beloved United States. Elder Johnson is from Texas and is a pretty cool guy. 
Elder Jernigan and I have been working hard. We don't have too many stories from the week. We were able to teach a lot of good lessons, but most of our top investigators were sick (again) for church. None of them made it. We did have a less-active member that I have been working with for 6 months -and others have been working with for a good year before that- come to church. She is finally getting active again and I am so glad for that. You can see that light coming back into her life. She is so much happier now. 

Other than that, Elder Jernigan and I have been putting a lot of focus on working with our members lately.  In the last General Conference, we were told that the full time missionaries' duty is to help our members do missionary work.  We have begun to build up our friendships with our members again so that we can help fulfill their own potential and bring others unto Christ.  It has been a lot of fun.  We have some members that just need a little pick me up and reminder of those little things that are so necessary to an enduring conversion.  The biggest thing people seem to struggle with is daily scripture study. I know that there is power in the scriptures and much to be learned and applied to our lives as we study them. I also know that the more we seek, the more the Lord will help us to understand them. 

I have been doing a short study of the first book of Nephi the past few days. The goal of the study is to go through and find everything Lehi and Nephi do in order to  gain the Lord's guidance and direction. In each and every case they act before they receive further direction.  It is cool to see how neglecting even one righteous action could have deprived them of the next step for a time.  Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants to help us, but many times can't, simply because we are not obeying and seeking.  We have to do our part. Dad- I was reminded of this when you mentioned Daniel.  Consistent righteous decisions lead to the Lord directing our lives for good.  I would encourage you all to always study the scriptures with some sort of question in mind so that you can get more out of it.  It makes a big difference for me. 

We went searching a less active that a member told us about the other day. She supposedly lived somewhere on the railroad tracks. We hiked back into the scheme on the tracks and asked around.  We managed to find a lady with the same first name, but not the one we were looking for.  As we talked to the lady, she informed us that we should probably go because of curfew.  I sort of chuckled.  She wanted us to go cause it was getting dark.  We did decide to head out to the highway, so we were good.  I managed to put two and two together a bit later.  I saw a vehicle full of soldiers sitting in the middle of the scheme earlier that day.  I am glad that we didn't go back down in because there was a legitimate curfew on the area.  Just another instance of the Lord's protection.

I love you all.
Have a great week.
Love, Elder Pullan

Here is an excerpt from Elder Jernigan's letter (Daniel's companion) this week.  I clarifies a little of what Daniel wrote about in his last paragraph.  "Speaking of military, we went searching for a less active.  Just to give you a picture of how this looks, please keep in mind that most Jamaicans have a nick name, and the nick name is not the one in church records.  So picture us two white guys with bikes wading through bush asking each person we see about if they know this lady, using a name they have never heard.   Then at one point a lady told us that we need to go because its about to be curfew. We didn't think much of it because we had another appointment to get to.

TURNS OUT, two people had been shot in that area just a few days earlier, something to do with drug trades, and the military has put down a curfew where they can arrest poeple who are out too late, and too late means past 6:00.  So yeah, military. We are very safe about these things, we don't go anywhere without a prayer, and anywhere dangerous after night."

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