Friday, April 17, 2015

week #18 - Kingston

OBAMA DAYA.  Thats right. Mr. President came down this week. Everyone loved it. We (being Americans) heard plenty about it this week.  I guess he gave 70 million to Jamaican schools OR something?  Great.  Where is that money coming from?  But, enough with the politics. I have never been much of one for politics anyway.

This week was average.  Teaching people, a few rainstorms, no investigators at church.  That is the way it goes sometimes.  We did get called on Wednesday morning by the bishop to help out with a funeral at the church.  We went and I got to mess around on the piano for a while. I love the piano. Now that I understand chords and music because of the guitar, the piano is a lot more fun.  Maybe I will pick it back up and teach myself when I get home.  We will see if I have the time for it.  

We will probably have to drop a lot of our investigators this week. We have tried to talk to quite a few people, but most of them have not been interested enough to set a time to meet with us.  I am sure it will pick up this week though.  I am not worried.

Hmmm... Well, that is my week for you. Nothing too exciting.  Sorry.  Nothing new this week.  Cutting weeds with machets is fun for the first bit.  It continues to be good until your hands blister up. Then it is not so fun.

Nathan- I am excited to get your letter. I will look for it. If you want some patois, try yazeeme. (yah-zee-me).  It means "you see me?" It is generally hypothetical way of asking someone if they understand after you explain something.  Yazeeme?

Lydia- Thanks for the email. I hope you get your letter from Sophie tomorrow too. That sounds like fun.

Spring break looked great! I hope you all enjoyed it.
I love you all.

Love, Elder Pullan

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