Tuesday, April 7, 2015

week #17 -Kingston

Hello Fam, 

Conference was great this weekend!  I enjoyed it so much.  It always seems to fly by so fast. I was able to learn so much from the speakers.  I received a lot of revelation for myself.  I started by thinking up some questions I felt I needed guidance on about a week before the conference.  I gave them some thought and did my best to answer them myself.  I prayed about them.  I prayed that I might be able to hear our Heavenly Father's words for me through conference.  I prayed that the spirit would guide me and that I might be sensitive to it.  I fasted on the day of the conference.  It worked!  I have a testimony that God does speak to us through his prophets.  It is not so much about what they say, but what we hear. The Holy Ghost brings out the things there for us.  I am so grateful for the guidance I received.  Check out D&C 1:38.  It talks a bit about this. 

The week was good.  A little on the slow side with the whole Easter season.  Easter is a big deal here.  Everyone gets work off and does nothing.  On Easter Monday, people watch the "Jesus shows" that they put on tv all day.  From what I have heard, most of them are pretty graphic.  We watched the "Testimony of John the Beloved" on the new church bible videos with one of our members yesterday.  She was relieved that it was not so graphic.  It was very accurate as far as my historical knowledge goes.  I would highly recommend it.  It puts the atonement in perspective (well, better perspective).

We went over to the Hamilton's for an easter get together yesterday.  We had a cultural celebration with all of the Boulevard missionaries, and  few friends, and the family across the street from them.  We cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire, and discussed each of our cultures.  We had a mash of Jamaicans from different areas on the island, a South African, a couple of Utahns and a Canadian.  I played and sang "White Blank Page" by Mumford and Sons on the guitar for my act.  A few other people sang, and brother Hamilton got out his drum and put on some Jamaican ring games.  It was a fun night. 

I have been doing well.  I hope you all loved conference as much as I did.  Make some changes based on what you learned!

Have a great spring break.  I love you all. 
Elder Pullan

We went croc hunting again this morning.
No luck, but a good time!  Me, swenson, and meacham.
Swenson goes home in two days. 

swenson, beck and evans
Swenson, Meachem and Pulsipher in the gulley.

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