Monday, April 20, 2015

week #19 - Kingston

Hello everyone! 
Just another week here in Kingston!  
I did a lot of missionary work this week.  Things are still really slow, and we had to drop a few of our investigators.  We don't get all that many member referrals, and many of the people we find will set an appointment, but will not keep it. Things are a little rough, but they will get better.  We just have to keep seeking those that are prepared and make sure that we are following the spirit.  If we do that, we cannot go wrong.  
I have not gotten the box to the Hamilton's yet.  We did not see them last week. We will get it to them this week for sure.  
I am currently looking at architectural programs. BYU has no architectural program, and I think I am going to be an architect. I think it is too late to apply to other schools for this coming year though. Any advice? 
It is great that Bryson is coming here. He is going to have the best mission ever!  It will not be a Hawaii mission or tea and crumpets, but if you want stories to tell, this place has more than enough potential. He will do just fine.  
Nothing too big happened this week. I will let you know when something does. 
It sounds like you had a hectic week with prom and easter. It looks like it went great though.  Matthew is beginning to look like a man.  Everyone looks so old. 
I am excited to see you all soon!

I love you all,
Love, Elder Pullan

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