Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Christmas Thank You from the Mission Home

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Jamaica Kingston Mission
4 Garelli Avenue
Kingston 10
Phone:  1-876-618-1625

Dear missionary parents, ward members and all who contributed to the Jamaica Kingston Mission Christmas,

There are not words to express our gratitude for the generous donations received from you this season.  Every elder and sister serving here at Christmas received packages and mail, and thanks to your assistance, not one was left out, not one was without a gift to make Christmas special for them.

The missionaries celebrated in their zones, first receiving a spiritual training session with Elder Hugo Martinez of the Seventy, and President Brown.  This was followed by a delicious Christmas dinner, and a program of Christmas music, stories and songs provided by the talented young missionaries of our mission.  All were truly fed – spiritually and temporally!

Following those activities, we adjourned to the cultural hall, where President Brown and the assistants donned their Santa hats, and distributed all the packages – neatly wrapped in Christmas paper, thanks to the help of some seminary students and office missionaries.

As names were called out, there were smiles, and looks of surprise, too, from some who thought there would be no gift for them.  The young missionary in the picture here was so shocked that someone would give him a gift that he began to cry.  He was so overcome that he just sat and held his Christmas package for quite a while, saying that this was the first time he had ever had a gift to un-wrap.  That is just one example of how the missionaries were touched by your generosity.

As you can see from the following pictures, it was a happy, touching experience for all.



All the packages were wrapped and waiting on the stage, for the missionaries to receive, as President Brown joyfully called their names.  Your gifts were thoughtful and appreciated by the missionaries.  Your donations of money went a long way, providing gift items, wrapping paper, treats and more.  This will definitely be a Christmas our missionaries will remember for a long time.  The Jamaican missionaries and others who were assisted by your contributions shared in the joy of Christmas giving with their fellow elders and sisters. 

These photographs are just a glimpse into the sights of the several zone conferences held this December.  We wish you could share in the sounds as well, but rest assured that your contributions were of great value in making each Christmas conference a wonderful event for all our missionaries!

With sincere appreciation,  
President Kevin G. Brown
Jamaica Kingston Mission

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