Thursday, January 8, 2015

week 3 & 4 -Kingston

January 5, 2015
Hey fam,

This week has been a good one.  I don't really have too much to say for it though.  Elder McGregor and I worked hard.  We tramped around in the hot sun all day every day, and had varying levels of success.  It really just depended on the day.  We didn't do anything for New Years.  Nothing at all.  We were all too tired.  That is the way it goes some days. 

I do have a story from the week.  Elder McGregor and I were standing on a corner, figuring out where to go... When we see it.  An old rasta man holding a cane slowly running (as fast as he could) away from another old guy in red gym shorts.  The guy in the red shorts was waving a machet and running slowly (as fast as he could) after him.  It was the funniest thing to see the old rasta in front looking over his shoulder as he high-tailed it away.  Both of these men had to be something near 60 years old.  Now, some of you might say "Elder Pullan, that is serious, you shouldn't laugh".  That is only because you are not used to these things.  It honestly didn't even phase me when I saw it.  I just chuckled as I watched and thought "what is going on?".  For those of you that are worried about the result, he didn't catch him.  No one got hurt.  He didn't really intend to chop him.  Just rough him up for stealing his money or something.  Hahaha.  It was quite the sight.

We also had a great lesson with Sis. S this sunday. Sis. S is something in her twenties, and we began to teach her last week.  She works out near New Kingston, and lives out there while she is working, so we don't get to see her all that often.  We did get to see her after church on Sunday though.  We had a great lesson about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We also talked a bit about the necessity of temples and temple marriage with her.   She had a lot of questions about why not everyone can go in, and stuff like that. She seems really ready to accept the gospel, so I am excited to see how she takes it. 
I love you all! Happy New Year!

Love, Elder Pullan

PS- I will Pray for you Dad!
PPS- Congratulations on your baptism Nathan! That is a great step you have taken. Make sure you write in your Journal about it! I love you.

December 29, 2014
Hey Fam!

Christmas was pretty good for me.  I loved being able to skype you all!  It was great to hear from you.  I had forgotten how much I miss you all until I got to see you! Soon come, I will be back though. Before unu quint mi a be dere. 

My Christmas started with caroling and passing out "He is the Gift" cards on Halfway Tree. I was with most of the Elders in our district. After that, we went to the Medley's and Skyped. After we were done skyping, we went caroling with them to a couple of ward members.  We spent the rest of the evening over at Bobby's house.  Bobby is our ward mission leader.  We ate some really good food, and all took turns saying the things that we are grateful for from the past year.  This Christmas was really nice.  I enjoyed it a lot more than the last one.  Christmas is always a rough time for us missionaries, but I am very excited that it is almost over.  Things will start moving a little faster for us now. 

You guys wanted me to write about the crocodile hunting adventure from last week. You guys know about that one, so I am going to tell you about Elder G and I's adventure in Seaview from 5am this morning. Elder G and I decided to give it another go, as we did not get to see any crocs last time.  We went back into the marsh walking along the bridge over the swamp.  We went and searched in vain... or so we thought.  We went ahead and made a crocodile hunter video while we were back there.  On the way back to our bikes to head home, we saw him. There was a huge croc right under one of the pipe-bridges we were walking on.  This thing was massive.   At least 12 feet long, sitting perfectly still in the water about 15 feet below us.  We threw a rock onto its' back and it snapped at it, then swam silently away underneath the black water.  It disappeared so quickly.  We had no idea where it went  after just a couple of seconds.  It was so cool to see.  I am thoroughly convinced that we would not stand a chance against a croc in the water.  We returned from our hunt successful, with some great videos and pictures!  That was my week for you. 

It was great to hear from you all! I am so glad that you had an awesome Christmas!
Love, Elder Pullan

Good Luck with your Baptism Nathan! I am so proud of you!
The Gator

The Tracks
The Sunrise

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